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Brigitte & Christoph

In our last years in Germany we talked a lot about our future project in Spain. 2017 finally we could start and we would like to share with you what this project in Spain is all about, how and with what we started, what we succeeded in and also what we weren’t successful.

At the same time this website could be a treasure trove of information, too, for people who want to take their life into their own hands, get out of the “standard” life or just want to change a few things in life and wish to take some of our experiences with them.

We will be happy if you like to accompany us in our project – even if only on your computer screen. The topics presented here cover everything we needed for our project, planned, tried and sometimes even dropped again. Starting with the renovation of our house, the construction of a solar power system until growing our own vegetables, from raising animals for our own needs to growing crops to provide an income – and the many small difficulties that arise in all these processes. However, more will arise in the near future.

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